Friday, February 3

You don't have to be a bike nerd

to enjoy this dvd rental. Hell on Wheels is a German produced documentary focused on the Tour de France. The year is 2003 and the film focuses on racers on the Telekom team as it reveals the fantastic production we know as the Tour de France. Eric Zabel and Rolf Aldaq are Telekom riders who have been roommates, teammates, and true blue professional racers for over a decade. Their observations and modest, yet insightful remarks about the tour stages, combined with footage of the dramatic three-week-long race, makes for a compelling and inspirational film. The soundtrack is a little euro-synth but it doesn't suppress the beauty and drama of the story being told. Rent it locally at Sunnyside Sports.

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highdesertsultan said...

what if your a part-time bike nerd?

ps. how's the DSL treatin' ya?