Tuesday, February 14

Once again, feeling normal is weird

Perhaps you did not know that for the past five years I have only enjoyed one television station in my home--pbs.
Well, everything has changed again after Mas made the always surreal trip to Radio Shack for the big rabbit ear antennae purchase.

He was inspired by the Winter Olympics and knew that it would irresponsible for us to mooch off of publicly situated televisions or friends for the two week duration of the games. Now, after three sessions of coverage (Saturday Nordic combined, Sunday evening men's downhill and half pipe competition and last night's women's half pipe competition) I can carry on appropriate work conversation.

Already I get it. It is fun to stand your ground on debates about the beautiful simplicity of timed versus judged events. Also, the Shaun White drama, so compelling. Though, I admit, I fell asleep after he qualified in that second run.

Last night, I asked Mas to wake me up for the women's final halfpipe runs, but he slacked. I woke up to see the American women in giddy celebration and complained about his lack of effort. "You need the sleep, and it looked the same as the qualifying runs" was his unapologetic answer.

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highdesertsultan said...

whoa, now how many channels can you get? i bet 3 minimum, and up to 6 or 7 if you really search and stand next to the rabbit ears, holding on with one hand while balancing on one foot.

yeah! cable sucks!

ps are you still having trouble with the picture upload thiong? eduardo may be of some help.