Friday, February 24

oh the mud thaw snow

so now that the sun has been shining and the days are a little longer i am feeling less uneasy. so i guess that would make me more easy. well... at least it does regarding my outdoor 'tude. just walking the dog is easier, going to a friends house is easier and even going to work is somehow easier. i've been paying particular attention to the what's happenings along tree'd paths near my home and for awhile the lingering snow/ice was getting me down. oh how i wished to see the earth below.

well now that i have my wish i still cannnot be content. why you may ask? well, let's just say it's personal and there's nothing you can do to fix it. unless of course you have a hair dryer with a really long cord i can use. i have now been reminded that the lingering snow/ ice was the only barrier to the newly formed mud slides along the aforementioned trail. but i have decided to no longer let it get me down and have decided to let it slow me down. i will now slow down my pace in the shadowed areas, taking a moment to see what i usually pay little mind. i will make an effort to notice the changes the sun and warmth are bringing. the new colors the new life. while forging a new way around that old mud thaw snow.

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skeet said...

I've noticed there are tiny buds forming on the trees. They are holding their little green jackets tight to keep warm, but their presense alone signals spring is on the way.