Tuesday, February 7

Questions of the day

Where do you draw the line to protect civil liberties while allowing the searches that could snare a potential terrorist? How is one day of Alberto Gonzalez testimony sufficient to address this issue? Who has the power and who is conceding (again)? Will somebody please come forward?

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highdesertsultan said...

no, especially when he can't answer any of the questions that are posed to him. perhaps there needs to be some kind of a checks and balances that isn't alrady in place. especially as i feel that the threat of my protection of privacy is being altered without my knowledge. i don't necessarily need to know the technicalities but how does it harm to tell me what the surveilance is. it won't stop someone like me from doing what i'm doing or alter my behavior. why? because i haven't anything to hide. ik don't really trust my current government. i don't hide that.