Saturday, February 11

A top 10 day

1. The sun shines
2. I have time in the morning to check email, listen to NPR, and/or cuddle with beloved dog and husband
3. Breakfast is prepared for me
4. Tasks are accomplished in an efficient manner
5. I go for a bike ride, run, ski, snowboard, or go for a walk--in order of preference
5a. Even better *with Mas, another friend, or as a group activity
6. While running errands, I meet familiar faces along the way. Incidental conversations are stimulating and provide food for thought
7. I have a good book to read as I sit in the afternoon sun
8. My house is warm, clean and in order
9. Dinner plans include friends, wine, savory cuisine and discussion
10.Travel dates are calendared or conspired


amanaplanacanalpanama said...

11. And great music to listen to compliments of loved ones, Thanks for the cd it is really cool.

star detective said...

you are so welcome...enjoy! Tell me more about Non Phixion sometime.

star detective said...
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Anonymous said...

My top ten day consists of balancing my time between my 2 amazing kids and talking to all my loved ones. Living in the moment (which i struggle with) and appreciating my own reality.

Townshend said...

Top five (seven I guess) Day
1.The sun is shining
2.Spending time with my family
3.Sitting on my deck with the mountain view and a cup of coffee
4.Cranking the stereo to The Who, The Redwalls, and Abba (just kidding on the last.. or maybe not)
5.Taking walks on the canyon rim
6.Playing guitar
7.Gaining an unspoken understanding

star detective said...

Thanks for your comments. I love #7...probably because I am often too communicative to enjoy the unspoken. I am compelled to share my (process of) understanding.