Wednesday, March 15

The day after

I consider it my duty to report on the skies for all y'all despite more than an inkling that many do not care.

A lunar eclipse occurred yesterday. It was at 3:35p.m. PST and not visibly noticeable for us here in the northwest parts. However, some believe these eclipses have impact causing abrupt changes.

The only semi-unusual happenings for moi include: getting a door slammed in my face and starting an irrational argument with Mas. It should be noted that the two events are unrelated.

I wonder if any of my readers have news to report. Anonymous postings accepted.


highdesertsultan said...


nothing too weird yesterday. actually had it pretty good.

my arm hurt. that sucked

kdub said...

well eric ..we did have a little scare ..REMEMBER..ME pain, pregnant, hospital, ER, pain, scared, tubal?? ultrasound, vomiting, pain, ovaian cyst?? i'd say that was an abrubt change in the day. for me anyways.

star detective said...
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star detective said...

I had the same thought.