Sunday, March 12

Special Announcement

Allow me to interrupt your day with this! Bush on Global Warming on Transbuddha
Three days later--I am not noticing any comments and yet, I believe this link is worthy...Check it Out!


a man a plan a canal panama said...

I think part of the reason for a lack of comments is that most probably have already seen the informative clip. At least I know I took the time to watch earth to america when it was on TV. Although it was not what I was expecting the show to be like, it was still rather entertaining. But I dunno for sure...I will tell you what feels amazing, taking the last final to cap off a 20 credit quarter. It felt so good to go for a two hour ride (compliments of my sis) and not have the feeling that I should have been studying.

star detective said...

Okay, so maybe it's not hot off the press. It's still made me smile.
p.s. happy for your mtb ride!