Saturday, March 11

My virtual victory

I was just beginning my indoor running session when HE walked up. He proudly stepped unto the treadmill next to mine. I clicked up the volume on the ipod and began at an easy pace. There was no heavy breathing, I was just striding out, stretching my legs so to speak. I noticed that he was glancing over at my machine. I upped the incline and continued with my warm-up. He increased the incline and the speed and until I could hear the pace of his thuds quickening, drowning out my own.

You want to play? I thought. Alright then, let's play.

I increased my own speed. And then we were off. I focused on the music...good, a gorillaz song...that'll help. I tried to convey confidence. I increased the speed again. Take that! He anted up and we continued stride for thunderous stride. I wondered how much he actually had up his sleeve. There are not too many dedicated treadmill runners that can give it up for more than 30 boring minutes. But I am practiced in the art of going nowhere quickly.

Sure enough, he hit the panic button after five miles. HA! I continued my pace staring ahead. He turned toward me, took a bow and then departed the cardio room quickly.

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Townshend said...

Competition is a wonderful thing...... especially when you win.