Sunday, March 26

Prince versus Michael Jackson: you be the judge

Last night, the Grope hosted a Prince vs. Michael DJ show. Naturally, I had an opinion on who should win and an interest in getting down.

Summer Grrrrl and Eldorado joined Mas and myself for some fine folk watching and ass pant dancing. Mas and I were in agreement--Prince is not only a better musician, he is way more acceptable on the freak scale. Wearing purple lingerie and calling your self a symbol is far more family values than luring children to your "neverland" lair with a petting farm.

Our friends dissented focusing on the dark Michael days (Remember, the Thriller album cover?).

A ballot box was in the house and I cast my vote after a third cocktail and some crowded dancefloor action to Let's Go Crazy. Prince took an early lead according to the DJ encouraging more votes. He was spurring the audience on with challenges to dance crazier and sing louder than "SEA-ATTLE Washington".

We were on the dancefloor moving it to Erotic City when I had a flashback to my highschool days. It was the summer before my sophomore year and I somehow got into Stallions, a liquor serving dance club. Bear in my mind that I had just turned 15 and looked 12. I couldn't believe that this older guy was honing in on me. I did one of those sly, look-behind-yourself-just-to-make-sure-he's-looking-at-me moves. Sure enough, he sidled up to my adolescent self on the dancefloor during the aforementioned Prince song. Not only could he dance but he knew all the naughty words to the song. Wow! I won't delve too much further into detail...Suffice it to say, we had a little kiss kiss session in the back of his Mazda RX-7.

Back to the current millenium. It was a great night. Prince ended up beating Michael by ONE vote. That's after Eldorado stuffed the ballot box with tenteen Jackson votes. There was some excellent, sweaty, lambada-style dancing going on. My favorite dancer was adorned in a gold-sequined shrug...the lady had some stamina!


Mello said...

Wow. I would have been there if I could, dancing with YOU to erotic city and maybe making better memories, but maybe not, I don't have an Rx-7.
Unfortunately I had to buckle down and study. Study?
Maybe next time.....

racecar said...

I had no idea that you were up to that when I was back at the house hanging out. See this isnt fair for guys, they never are allowed into places they shouldnt be, you probably walked right through the front door. But I guess I cant complain any more since I am no longer restricted.

townshend said...

I concur. Prince is the better artist. Besides anyone who can play the axe like he can will always get my vote. Let's not forget though Jackson's impact on pop culture and pop music dating way back to the Motown days. It's too bad he got weird on us.

OK here's an interesting one: Prince v.s. David Bowie Who wins?

Mazda Rx7?
It appears you have had the spirit of exploration for quite some time.
I never did have an Rx7, however I did have a hatchback Mustang. With the back seat folded down I found there to be adequate "leg room" in most cases. Now I have a motor home with plenty of leg room unfortunately it's not a babe magnet.

So tell me this "Star Detective" do you remember the color of the Rx7?

star detective said...

In the midnight hour it appeared to be a navy blue or smoky gray...that was before I developed my powers of observation.
As to the Bowie vs. Prince, I'm still voting Prince. I do like Bowie peppered into a playlist every now and then. However, given the choice of listening to one or the other...I'd choose Beck.