Saturday, March 4

Locker room phenomenon

Have you experienced this?

You are at the gym during off-peak hours. You select a locker because it is in your favorite spot or, because there is no one else in that aisle and you have adequate sprawl space, or you like to use lucky locker number 8 every time. For whatever reason, there you are, you've made the change and your workout begins.

An hour or so later, you return to the locker room. Sure enough there are others seemingly surrounding your locker. You scan the locker room and notice that all the other rows appear to be empty. In fact, the only other people using the facility happen to have chosen lockers in your aisle. What is this about?

Surely I am not the only one who has noticed this as my locker room cohorts comment on it as we gingerly avoid touching each others belongings and try to condense our piles into one heap allowing room for everyone. I believe it is one of the ways the universe conspires for us to get closer. What do you think?

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highdesertsultan said...

i think that i use the locker room at juniper, and it is really gross. i'm usually trying to avoid some homeless guy's shit on one of the benches, while thinking about where the homeless guy's crap was before him. (usually nearest the shower)

anywho, you're right though. there must be something appealing to all at the moment of drop. does it seem cleaner? is it not wet? it could also be that inner insecurity we all have and we want to feel private in the most public of spaces. while revealing that most private, of personal spaces. it seemed safer, to everyone when they were there by themselves, same as you, same as me.