Wednesday, March 29

word of the day

Peepsdrop intr.v. To look secretly at other's private reading materials.

This is how I deal with my indoor exercise doldrums. It is also a great activity for public transportation riders (most of us don't have that opportunity here in Bend)and long distance travellers.

I just love taking notice of other's reading materials. I find it endearing when grannies are reading about Shaun White in Rolling Stone or,
Suit and tie guys are giggling at a David Sedaris short story or,
Boob-job-moms are reading the Nation.

My belief in our populace is often restored by this activity.

1 comment:

summergrrl said...

Once upon a time I lived in a place where public trans was an option... My favorite form of peepsdropping was trying to figure out what those women with fabric covers over their books were reading. I say don't cover up those romance novels, read them proudly!