Wednesday, March 8

dude talk

There I was trapped at home, in convalescence. Mas' ski buddy and his buddy were in town. They were here to do two things: drink and ski.

Let me clarify--unlike Bode Miller, their intention was not to do both simultaneously. They simply wanted to spend an evening with spirits and the following day in the pow.

I decided that this would provide the perfect opportunity to engage in some anthropological study of the aging, big Testosterone male. What I feared was being stuck in some sad but real GTI commercial. What I found was that gap between ourselves seems to be diminishing.

Drink of choice: Rock Star energy drink and Crown Royal. I didn't try it so who am I to judge? I prefer Jack Daniels & Coca Cola myself. Call it traditional or call it gross. I have a friend with a "no brown drinks" policy which kind of makes sense.

Favored topics of discussion: Home improvements, investments, action gear and adventure travel.

Although I was in no shape to chit-chat or hang in any substantial way I sat in my quiet corner and responded to their efforts to be inclusive. Fortunately, we had my crazy-nice brand-new mountain bike to discuss. Time and again they wanted to know about specific parts (don't really know about those) or wondered aloud about technicalities I rarely consider.

After a few drinks, I could discern tidbits of stories from the kitchen about bachelor parties, sports injuries, and then whispers of "a blonde and a redhead". Ski buddy #1 was regaling the others with tales of another friend who is even more of a dude because he is bigger and richer. In all justice, the guy used to have a pet tiger so, automatically you might say, he is something.

I got sleepy and said good night. They continued in their reverie but with respect I did not anticipate. The music volume went down and after awhile they too, went to bed. I woke up the next morning and found the kitchen entirely clean. Not a single empty glass, beer bottle, nothing.

Now I have returned home from work and they are gone. I only was the snow today?


highdesertsultan said...

that's fucking awesome.

great writing star d

Townshend said...

I love this observation.

Boys will be boys and of course girls will be girls.

Rarely have I attempted or even cared to participate with my wife and her girlfriends in their discussions. In cases where I have been involved for some accidental reason, I eventually become uncomfortable or bored...... or both. I must admit I usually walk away with some sense of admiration because they talk about things that REALLY MATTER. My friends and I avoid "our lives" reality discussions as much as possible. I guess we figure "hey we live it why talk about it?".

star detective said...

Unless the reality discussion involves analysis of physical performance. I have noticed that men can be extremely attuned to minutia in those circumstances...because it matters right?

Townshend said...

Well there are exceptions to the rule.