Sunday, March 19

Ye Olde Curiosity Site

This link was sent to me by fellow observers of all things curious. Mind reader! Please let us know if it fails you...or, if you have the explanation for such abilities.


highdesertsultan said...

just stop. is that like on of those look atr this picture it isn't moving but your eyes make it move, cuz i saw some shit and....well, that ain't cool

Mello said...

Oooh, I love the little mystery jingle it gives! The mind reader was right four out of five times, I stumped it once.
Can you stump it? I think it helps to not look at it.

star detective said...

Wow, a stumper. Okay, I will try this method. I'll let you know!

highdesertsultan said...

i also stumped it, i just thought about a symbol i was looking at and didn't do the pre required homework, and it got it wrong. so i tried it for real the next time and it got it.

racecar said...

I think I figured it out. first look at the symnbol for 9 and make anote of what the symbol is. then follow the directions I am guessing it will be the same symbol as the symbol for number 9.
Or an easier way to prove the theory. Note the symbol for number nine and then click the blue thing it is always the same. Or at least it was for me. Let me know if I am wrong

Eldorado said...

Mystery solved!
In any given turn, there is a set of numbers you can come up with by doing the formula and all of those numbers have the same symbol. Try this: do the math for 5 numbers, you'll see that the symbol is the same for all of them.
Sneaky bastards!

Eldorado said...

I should have read racecar's post.
It was already solved.
I swear I didn't copy racecar's homework, really.

Cabrio De Diablo said...

I look down at Star Detective's feet...what do I see?...cloven hooves my friends, cloven hooves. Fire and Brimstone shall lead to damnation.